UNBOUNDED: Patagonia Documentary — conservation and exploration

Join filmmaker, Garrett Martin and fellow trekkers — Aljoscha, Robert, and Robyn — on their journey across over 1500 km (932+ miles) of the Patagonian Region of South America. The adventure-based film, UNBOUNDED: Patagonia Documentary, will focus on the need for conservation of the largely un-preserved area.

The four will leave this December and travel through mid-April of 2017 documenting the cultures, extreme and unique conditions, and scenery as well as the conservation efforts taking place in Patagonia. The trip will largely follow the Greater Patagonian Trail and end at the Patagonia National Park.

Issues that are particularly concerning in Patagonia right now are overgrazing, desertification, and of course, the threat of industrial development as corporations seek to exploit and abuse the natural resources in the area. Challenges like these significantly impact the lives of locals and traditional indigenous peoples in Patagonia, violating their indigenous rights every day. While Conservacion Patagonica has done much to protect large pockets of land in the area, there is much more that we can and must do to better safeguard the rest of this wild ecological gem. –UNBOUNDED: Patagonia Documentary

However, their journey to raise awareness of the conservation needs of this area cannot be done alone. They need your help. Consider supporting UNBOUNDED: Patagonia Documentary and read more at UnboundedTheFilm.com.

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