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Backpacking with your dog

Backpacking or hiking with your dog A day hike or a weekend hike is nothing like backpacking with your dog for a couple of weeks or more. My dog is a labradoodle, half poodle and half lab. He enjoys nothing more than going off on the trails, but I did not take him on his first two week hike without experience. At the time, we lived near the mountains and either hiked or ran nearly every day. The first two weeks were harder for us than him. His energy seemed to never expend. However, you should take many things into factor […]

Properly sizing and fitting backpacks

Sizing and fitting backpacks Consumers often buy goods based on two things: brand and price. However, the backpack for your section hike or thru-hike should be based upon properly sizing and fitting your backpack. Backpacks typically come in small, medium, and large. The size is not related as much to height or build as it is to the length of your torso. The length of your torso is important in properly sizing and fitting backpacks because the hip pads need to hug the top of the hip bones aka the iliac crest, while the shoulder straps should wrap closely around […]

How to properly layer for your winter backpacking trip

Winter layering basics Shelter is not always available in the winter, and while some of us really love the wintertime, no one really likes to be miserably cold. Whether you are backpacking, camping, day hiking, skiing, working, or doing anything else in the cold, wearing the proper layers is key to relieving some of the most harsh temperatures that winter can throw at us. This guide will give you a brief idea of how to take on that winter cold. Layer your clothes as follows: ▪️Base layer: This layer touches your skin and is otherwise known as underwear. This could be […]