Monthly Archives: August 2016

Experience nature but stay off my ‘peeve list’

Earlier this month, the National Park Service celebrated its centennial. While August 25th marked the official celebration date, the NPS has been celebrating all year long. I’ve seen numerous articles celebrating and encouraging others to get out and #FindYourPark. The one thing that kept playing in my mind was all the things that get under my skin: the peeve list. Of thousands of miles and endless hours spent in parks and on the trails from the Appalachian Trail to the local mountain trails I once enjoyed near daily in Virginia, there are those things that just get under your skin. Most […]

Appalachian Trail gear list

Another one of the questions that I often get messages about is what gear do you use? Here’s my list. You can get much of this stuff on Amazon or you may have to visit company’s like Gander Mountain. When it comes to getting a backpack, I recommend getting fitted for the bag. A medium in one brand may not fit the same on you as a medium in another. I have much of this saved in an Amazon wish list for you to easily add stuff to your cart. Remember, your support supports this website along with Photographer’s Tips. After […]

A week for ‘purdy’ little pests

First, it was the cicadas everywhere. These guys are one species of over 3,000. Dependent on the species, they come out every year up to every 17 years. Which species are these? I am not 100% certain. Maybe you can tell me. This morning, I woke up to a tobacco hornworm infestation. These little guys ate around 75% of my leaves overnight and left dung pellets everywhere. The hornworm turns from larvae into a worm and then will hibernate in a cocoon over the winter and emerge as a moth (Manduca sexta aka Carolina sphinx moth) in the following Spring. […]